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13Jul Money saving tip when buying Variable fader ND filters

Variable ND filters can be pricey. Instead of buying one for each of the lenses in your collection, you can save a little money by picking up a single large 77mm or 72mm variable ND filter and using adapter rings to adapt to the smaller filter sizes in your collection. If your not sure if […]

18Aug Light Craft Fader ND v.s. Polaroid Fader ND first look.

I started filming comparison footage of the Polaroid and Light Craft Fader ND filters this afternoon. Early tests seem to point towards the Light Craft fader ND as a clear step up from Polaroids offering. Both do a good job of reducing the light into the camera, but the polaroid Fader ND really seems to add […]

24Jul Polaroid fader ND filter quick video test.

I’m still meandering around the California’s country side for another week and had a little free time yesterday to drive up to Mt Tamalpais State Park just north of San Francisco. At 2400 feet I though the peak would be high enough to keep the Bay Area fog from bothering me. It worked for a little while […]

11Jul One Fader ND filter adapted to all of your lenses.

Fader ND filters are nice to have, but if you want to buy one for each of your lenses it can add up quick. There are a few exceptions, for example the Canon 28mm f1.8, 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.8, and 100mm f2 all share 58mm filter sizes. But what if you start adding something like […]

06Jul Fader ND filters

Picture taken by Eric 5D Mark II I received a small amount of friendly harassment the other day from another photographer about using cheap lens filters. I’ve been using lower price Polaroid Fader ND filters for awhile now and haven’t had many problems. The Polaroid filters general run about $30 to $45 on amazon and cause a small amount of vignetting, but […]