I started filming comparison footage of the Polaroid and Light Craft Fader ND filters this afternoon. Early tests seem to point towards the Light Craft fader ND as a clear step up from Polaroids offering. Both do a good job of reducing the light into the camera, but the polaroid Fader ND really seems to add it’s own color adjustment to the image.

(Click on the image for full resolution)

I made every effort to get the exposure as close as possible, which really means I checked my meter and eyeballed it. From this example it’s very easy to see  that the Polaroid casts a blueish hue over the image. It isn’t horrible but it is very noticeable next to the Light Craft Fader ND filter results. You could probably recover most of the color with some correction in post but from the footage I’ve shot so far, it really does seem like the Light Craft ND filter is worth the money.

If all goes well I should be finished filming test footage tomorrow and have a video up this weekend. I was expecting a difference, but I wasn’t expecting it to be this dramatic. I think, depending on your taste, many people would still be just fine with the results from the Polaroid fader ND filter. I know I’ve used it for quit awhile without noticing the difference.

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