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03Sep Polaroid Fader ND v.s. Light Craft workshop Fader ND Mark II Video test

Fader ND filters are very handy, but is it really worth it to DSLR film makers to spend big bucks on higher end brands? That was the question I had when I first started looking at the LightCraft Fader ND. The cheap Polaroid Fader ND filter that I’d been using seemed to work just fine, […]

18Aug Light Craft Fader ND v.s. Polaroid Fader ND first look.

I started filming comparison footage of the Polaroid and Light Craft Fader ND filters this afternoon. Early tests seem to point towards the Light Craft fader ND as a clear step up from Polaroids offering. Both do a good job of reducing the light into the camera, but the polaroid Fader ND really seems to add […]

06Jul Fader ND filters

Picture taken by Eric 5D Mark II I received a small amount of friendly harassment the other day from another photographer about using cheap lens filters. I’ve been using lower price Polaroid Fader ND filters for awhile now and haven’t had many problems. The Polaroid filters general run about $30 to $45 on amazon and cause a small amount of vignetting, but […]