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03Feb Redrock Micro Hero 3 Cobalt Cage Review

I’ve been testing and using the Cobalt Cage for about a month now and it’s quickly become a go to item for most of my daily Hero 3 use. I don’t do a lot of extreme car racing, so the attractiveness of the Cobalt Cage for me is the number of mounting points. Add 3 […]

26Dec Redrock Micro Cobalt Cage – First impressions

Just received the Redrock Micro Cobalt cage and it’s turning out to be one of the best Hero 3 camera cages on the market. Even without the battery power option it puts the Tehkron Gopro Hero 3 cage to shame. Putting it side by side with its closest competitor the Combat cage, you can see that […]

20Nov Tehkron Gopro hero 3 Cage Pro – A Blunt Review

The Tehkron Cage pro showed up this morning. I forgot I had preordered this thing after seeing it on twitter a few months ago. For those of you not familiar with the Tehkron Cage pro, it’s basically a hero 3 cage that allows you to power and charge your hero 3 with standard Canon LP-E6 […]

29Aug Gopro Hero 3 Combat Cage

I backed the kickstarter campaign for the Gopro Hero 3 Combat Cage awhile back. It’s a nice cage for the Hero 3 and there are lots of mounting points, but I’m feeling a little burned. The kickstarter was for $110 and now that it’s been backed you can find the cage on B&H and on ebay […]

25Mar Aluminum Combat housing for the Gopro Hero 3 Kickstarter

This isn’t a life changing kickstarter campaign, but I can see it being useful for those of you who really put your Hero 3 through heavy use. It’s basically just a big chunk of machined aluminum that gives you a lot of 1/4 20 and 3/8 mounting points and has the added bonus of protecting […]