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26Feb Aspen Lav and JK MIC-J 044 lav are basically the same

On the left we have the JK MIC-J lav mic and on the right we have the Aspen lav mic. They both look very similar and from a distance it’s hard to tell them apart. The included foam filters are the same for both, as are the tie clips, but there are slight physical differences between the two. […]

10Feb Is the Aspen lav really a JK MIC-J 044?

I was looking at low price lav mic’s on amazon and came across this guy. The strangely named “JK MIC-J” is a $29 lav mic that’s been shipping under a few different names on ebay and Amazon over the last few years. I hadn’t really paid attention to it until just recently. The JK MIC-J lav […]