MIC-J (1 of 3)

I was looking at low price lav mic’s on amazon and came across this guy. The strangely named “JK MIC-J” is a $29 lav mic that’s been shipping under a few different names on ebay and Amazon over the last few years. I hadn’t really paid attention to it until just recently.

MIC-J (2 of 3)

The JK MIC-J lav mic comes with a Sennheiser style thread on the 3.5 mm jack and sports a mic capsule that looks suspiciously similar to the $54 Aspen Mic I was testing earlier this week. Heck even the shirt clip looks similar.

Aspen Mic monoprice wireless (2 of 5)

The specs listed for both of these microphones are also extremely similar. I wonder if this is a case of same mic, different branding. Not sure what the story is behind the JK MIC-J lav mic and Aspen Mic, but I think i’m going to attempt some A/B testing between these two this week.

I wonder if the $25 price difference between the two mics is really just better branding and a tin case. Should be interesting to test the audio and listen to the results. These might be using the same mic capsule.

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