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29Mar Blatantly miss labeled Generic DOT-01 Sony NP-FW50 batteries

First of all, I’d like to point out that most generic battery claims are dubious at best. If you look at the labeling for any type of generic battery out there, the Watt-hourĀ (Wh) and milliamp hourĀ (mAh) ratings are almost always higher than their name brand counterparts. It is easy to assume that a larger mAh […]

13Mar Wasabi LP-E6 battery and charger combo

I’ve tried out a number of different generic decoded batteries on the market and the majority of those batteries worked fine in the Canon 7d and 5d mark II. Unfortunately this hasn’t been the case with the Canon 6d and 5d mark III. Canon has crippled their new cameras with all kinds of battery detection, […]

19Jan Watson DUO LCD battery charger overview

I picked up the Watson DUO battery charger about 3 months ago and I’ve been using it to charger almost every type of battery I own. The replacement battery plates are pretty affordable at $2 a peace and you can find them for just about any battery type you have. I personally spent the extra […]

25Nov Watson Duo LCD Charger battery plates

Several of you were asking about the charger plates for the Watson Duo LCD charger I wrote about last week. Here we have a few different flavors, they look the same from the front of the box, but each contains a different type of battery plate. On the left we have Canon BP-900 plate, in […]

03Aug Battery Management on your film project.

I see people spend a bunch of money on camera gear, but the batteries needed to run that camera gear are often overlooked. If you’re just working as a photographer, having only 2 batteries would probably be fine, but if you’re using your camera for film making don’t expect much more then an hour and […]