I picked up the Watson DUO battery charger about 3 months ago and I’ve been using it to charger almost every type of battery I own. The replacement battery plates are pretty affordable at $2 a peace and you can find them for just about any battery type you have. I personally spent the extra $35 on the Watson version because there were a number of reports of the Pearstone version buzzing or generating loud noises, but you can pick up the Pearstone DUO charger for around $45 while the Watson will set you back closer to $80. Might be worth the risk if the place you buy it from has a decent return policy.

Watson double charger (6 of 6)

After three months I haven’t run into any real issues. The charger does a great job with all the batteries i’ve thrown at it and seems to charge batteries slightly faster than the Canon OEM charger. It was a little pricy compared to other options, but so far the Watson DUO LCD battery charger has been a pretty reliable unit. I’ll report back if anything goes wrong, but so far so good.

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