Aputure V-Screen VS-3 7 inch monitor  (1 of 4)

Quick heads up, if you have an Aputure VS-3 IPS monitor, there is a firmware update available here. This update addresses the focus peaking issues I mentioned in this earlier post. So far i’m still pretty happy with the VS-3, i’ve been testing it on a few projects with the Canon c100 and the monitor, unlike the c100, has done pretty well. Hopefully I’ll get some side by side shots of the c100 and 5d mark III posted this weekend, the graininess and layout of the c100 controls has yet to grow on me. Audio interface and top handle are great but when i’m just trying to film me speaking into the camera, the c100 is a pain to use. Also I’ll be upgrading the Aputure VS-3’s firmware this weekend and posting some focus peaking results.

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