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01Mar Cheapest Boom Mic on the market, the Nady SGM 12

People are always asking me for cheap audio options for their next film project. One of the cheapest boom microphones I’ve ever come across is the Nady SGM-12 boom mic. The Nady SGM-12 isn’t amazing but it does offer a few benefits. First is the price, the Nady SGM-12 is almost the same price as a […]

03Mar Nady SGM-12 the lowest price boom Mic on the market.

It seems like people are always looking for the lowest price. So here today for your consideration is the Nady SGM-12 boom microphone. As far as I know, this is the lowest price boom mic on the market. At between $22 and $30 the Nady SGM-12 performance isn’t amazing, but it’s probably good enough for many applications. […]