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28Mar Juicedlink Riggy RM333 – First Impressions

I’ve used all kinds of XLR adapter boxes over the years both on video cameras like the now antique Canon GL1 to modern day DSLR like the 5d mark III. There hasn’t been much innovation with these devices and companies like Beachtek, Studio 1 productions, and Juicedlink still make audio devices almost identical to devices […]

16Jun Juicedlink RM333 available for pre order.

B&H is now taking preorders for Juicedlink’s newest audio adapter, the RM333 audio pre-amp. The design is an interesting configuration of 3 XLR inputs with what Juicedlink is calling Audio output bracketing. The bracketing system is a built in form of the audio protection I’ve mentioned before. Basically it allows you to record audio on […]