B&H is now taking preorders for Juicedlink’s newest audio adapter, the RM333 audio pre-amp. The design is an interesting configuration of 3 XLR inputs with what Juicedlink is calling Audio output bracketing. The bracketing system is a built in form of the audio protection I’ve mentioned before. Basically it allows you to record audio on the left channel at the normal input level. Then the audio from that channel is sent to the right channel at a reduced level (-16db in this case). This is the basically the same┬ámethod I’ve used with the Juicedlink DS214 adapter and other adapters for years.

I do like the idea of having the left channel inputs and the option to choose the Juicedlink RA333 if you need meters and headphone outputs, but they’ve still┬áchosen to go the tiny knobs I hate. Also at a price of $399 for the RM333 and $469 for the RA333, many people will find these units to expensive. Despite the small knobs Juicedlink preamps are top notch and do a great job, if you can afford it, they’re worth the price.

You can get on the B&H preorder list for the RM333 (the smaller unit) here and the RA333 (larger unit) here. Orders start shipping June 25th.

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