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18Jul Edelkrone Pocket Rig Shoulder Stabilizer Clone

Video of the Clone Pocket Shoulder Stabilizer in action. The Edelkrone Pocket Rig is an interesting little collapsible shoulder rig that’s about the size of a battery grip. The idea is to fit a shoulder rig and 15mm rails into as small a space as possible. But at a price of $339 there are much more affordable options […]

25Sep Spider Steady Rig DSLR Rig Movie Kit adjustable shoulder rig video Review

The title of this post represents the current verbal spasm of a name that this rig sells under right now. The official name for this rig is the Spider Steady Rig (thanks to alexpirpiris for finding that for me), but it goes by many other names. Every time I start to complain about this rig I have to remind myself that it’s […]

13Jun New CPM FILM TOOLS Rigs.

CPM FILM TOOLS has a new line of rigs out with a military slant. The new carbon fiber rigs are molded in a special olive green plastic giving them a unique gorilla filmmaker look. The flat black on CPM’s other camera systems look great but it’s always nice to have a few color options. The rig pictured […]

28May 3 Legged adjustable camera support rig.

I see this rig for sale all the time on ebay. When they first started popping up the price tag was somewhere in the $300 range, but over the last 8 months the price has dropped to something a little more reasonable. Now you can pick one up for just under $100. The rig is […]

08Apr Shape Cameleon shoulder rig.

A few friends have been telling me to checkout SHAPE rigs, so I spent the morning looking at the offerings on their website. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but man these rigs looks ugly. They do have some interesting features like a joint in the middle that allows you to fold the rig […]

02Apr Looking for a DSLR RIG?

I was browsing through ebay this morning when I came across an auction for this DSLR Shoulder Rig. The auction is at $1.25 right now with no reserve. If you’re in the market for a shoulder rig this could end up being a good deal if the price stays low enough. It also looks pretty sharp. […]