CPM FILM TOOLS has a new line of rigs out with a military slant. The new carbon fiber rigs are molded in a special olive green plastic giving them a unique gorilla filmmaker look. The flat black on CPM’s other camera systems look great but it’s always nice to have a few color options. The rig pictured above is the “noisy cricket” and it looks like they have the cube cage in the same olive green color as well.

Adding to the military look, each of these new unit has a stamped ID tag somewhere on the rig. I can’t really justify buying a new rig based on the color alone, but if green was a color choice when I bought mine DSLR RIG, I probably would have gone half and half.

I’ve had great luck with my CPM FILM TOOLS gear, so if you’re looking to upgrade to nicer equipment the CPM website is a good place to start your search.

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