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17Mar Smallrig NATO protective rails.

Still kind of working on my Smallrig layout and I decided to go with one of their “Safety rails” for the top handle. The little quick release spring numb makes me feel a little safer about handing it off to others and prevents the top handle from sliding completely if I bump the thumbscrew. The Safety rail is […]

04Mar Smallrig Sony a7s custom camera cage

I’ve been looking for a small mounting frame for the Sony a7s and a few of you recommended I check out Smallrig’s offering. Smallrig sells a lot of bits and pieces so it can be a little confusing when you are trying to figure out what parts you need/want for a rig. It took me a little […]

20Feb SmallRig low profile 1/4 20 cold shoe adapter

In the past I’ve used a plastic thumb screw style cold shoe adapter (above bottom) for most of my rigs. It’s done a pretty decent job on my Varavon cage but it’s a little big and often sold out. So I started looking for something a little lower profile and a bit more permanent. After a […]