Smallrig Nato rail (1 of 2)

Still kind of working on my Smallrig layout and I decided to go with one of their “Safety rails” for the top handle. The little quick release spring numb makes me feel a little safer about handing it off to others and prevents the top handle from sliding completely if I bump the thumbscrew.

Smallrig Nato rail (2 of 2)

The Safety rail is slightly longer than the NATO rail I bought originally and it’s missing the 1/4 20 mounts up and down the center, but I don’t think that’ll be much of a problem. I originally thought I’d be using those  mounts every once in awhile, but I think with a monitor and a handle I pretty much have everything I need. If I need to mount a friction arm, I can always use one of the many 1/4 20 threads on the top of the unit.

My build is still evolving, but I’d like to thank everyone for sharing pictures of their set ups and design ideas. If you have any other ideas to make this design more useful, feel free to send me some pictures or post links. I’ll take a look at them. With everyone working on this we can probably come up with the a perfect Smallrig parts list for the Sony a7s.

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