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11Sep The Sony NEX-5n released.

I posted about the Sony NEX-5n awhile back and now the Sony NEX-5n body has started to show up on Amazon for $599. The overall impression is that the low light performance is about as good as the T2i with a slight gain in sharpness and all of this at 60fps. 1080p at 60fps is very nice, but […]

26Aug Is the Sony NEX-5N the next Killer DSLR?

The Sony NEX-5N is now available for pre-order and looks to be a very tempting follow up to the less then perfect NEX-5. The two key features that make me salivate are 1080p at 60fps and the mirror less form factor . This thing is thin, it makes a slice of toast look fat, and all that thinness means you can […]