I will start out by taking a moment to credit my girl friend who actually gave me this idea. Thanks Dani!

I was looking for a cheap and easy way to mount batteries, remotes, and other random stuff to my camera rig. When Dani walk over and says “Velcro”. She then explained to me that there was such a thing as industrial strength Velcro and that her work used it to keep people from pulling large bins off shelves and on to themselves.

After testing a out a few peaces with 2 & 5 pound weights I decided the sticking power was more then enough to hold small batteries and wireless microphone receivers to camera rigs, tripods, and anything else you could think of.

For $2 to $10 you can get a pack of industrial strength Velcro. One Side has adhesive, but I worn you, don’t go over board, the first item I attached it to a low price Audio Technica PRO88W wireless mic I tore the back off of the receiver when i tried to remove it. I will admit that I may have used a little more force then was required but I hadn’t consider the Velcro to be that strong.

The battery I’m shacking around in this video only has a 3/4 inch strip of black Velcro on it. As you can see with very little force the battery attaches quit firmly. The only reason the patch on the monitor is so large is because I sometimes like to place my battery higher or lower depending on monitor placement. I also find that the fuzzy side seems to work better for uneven surfaces.

You might be able to find this at your local hardwire store, but if you can’t, it’s also available online:

If you have trouble finding space on your rig, a simple peace of metal with a few holes drilled in it can give you plenty of surface area: