I’ve been getting a lot of request to see this little monitor up close. I didn’t have a chance after putting this together to film the monitor in use. So hopefully this short video address most of your questions.

I will note that it’s hard to properly expose a video monitor, so the color ends up looking a little bit blown out in parts of this video. In its defense, this monitor looks just fine in practical use, just a little bit brighter then my Lilliput monitor. Are the colors perfect? Probably not, but this monitor does a great job for its size and price.

The monitor plus camera mount weighs about a quarter that of my cellphone. So this might be a great option for those of you with a small steadicam/glidecam, or a good device to use with your dslr slider.

Some have asked me “why do I need a field monitor?”. Well in videos like the one above I would be blind to framing, exposer, settings, and so on if I didn’t have a monitor facing me. If you own the canon 60d or Panasonic GH2 you at least have a flip out screen, but for everyone else low angles, high angles, and anything other then camera placement directly in front of your face can be a real pain.

The small size and weight means I can keep this in my camera bag with little to no problem. I may even order a few more and keep them permanently mounted to a few of my rigs. That way there is no extra setup when I need them. The usb cables are very reasonably priced, so the next thing on my list might be to hardwire the usb cable directly to the monitor. That way you don’t have to deal with a clump of RCA connectors on your rig.

If you still have questions about this monitor just send me a message or leave a comment and I’ll see if I can help you out.

For more great DIY projects check out our friends over at thefrugalfilmmaker.com.

Equipment used in this video:
Canon 7d & t2i
Canon 35mm f1.4
Canon 50mm f1.4
Zoom H1
CPM FILM TOOLS camera rig

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