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24Feb Adding headphone monitoring to the Dirt Cheap $28 monitor project

So if you gave the Dirt Cheap Monitor project a try awhile back, this might be just what you needed. Freyguyproductions wrote in asking “What would you suggest for stronger audio sources?” The first thing that came to mind was a hearing aid amplifier. So I started rummaging around the net and found something even better. The FiiO […]

23Feb Field monitors can give you headphone monitoring as well.

You wouldn’t want to Film something without looking at a monitor right? You probably don’t want to record audio for your film with out hearing it either. People are always looking for an audio monitoring solution for there DSLR cameras. Well if you are already in the market for a video monitor why not kill […]

13Feb Fixing the Blink problem on the Lilliput monitor with the 5d 60d and t2i.

So one of the most irritating things about shooting on pretty much any of canon’s camera line (minus the 7d) is that the HDMI port goes from HD to SD when you press the record button. This normally causes most field monitors to blink, but thanks to a little info from dzoemie you don’t have […]

01Feb More on the Dirt Cheap monitor

I’ve been getting a lot of request to see this little monitor up close. I didn’t have a chance after putting this together to film the monitor in use. So hopefully this short video address most of your questions. I will note that it’s hard to properly expose a video monitor, so the color ends […]

30Jan Dirt Cheep Monitor project!

Update: Want to see a video of this build with updated parts list and the word cheap spelled correctly? Here it is. I don’t normally put together how to guides, but this one seems very handy and well worth a little bit of work. If you can’t afford to pay $200 for a Lilliput HDMI monitor, […]