I’ve been waiting to post this for more then a week. The first I received was defective and I had to send it back. The seller was kind enough to cover return shipping, but the back and forth took awhile.

I finally received the working  a few days ago and had a chance to run the setup through its paces. I’m very happy to say that everything works great! I was able to get clean audio transmitted over 50 feet line of site and about 20 feet through walls. Two tests of battery life showed 5 hours the first test and 3 hours 45 min second test. Not the 8 hours promised by the manual but still quit good for the price. The receiver actually ran out of power before the transmitter on the second test. I would have thought it would be the other way around.

Both the transmitter and receiver aren’t much bigger then a compact flash card so they wont add much weight to your rig and since the  sends stereo audio you can get 2 channels of audio back to your camera.

The has a single male 3.5mm dongle, a usb charging port and a single silver button.

The  is almost the same. The only change is that the 3.5mm dongle is female. There isn’t any volume control on either unit, so for testing I used the Fiio E5 headphone amplifier’s volume switch to adjust levels.

Since the Fiio headphone amplifier came with a few extra cables, i used those to connect the female to the camera. After doing a number of audio tests the only real problem I found is the Bluetooth Standby mode.

If the units aren’t in use for 3 mins they switch to low power mode (standby) to save battery life. The only problem with that is if you go to use them in stand by mode the first half a seconds of audio either gets chopped off or has noise in it. Once the units reestablish their connection in that first half second everything is good to go. You can hear the first word on that rode video mic test (in the video) cut off then a small burst of noise before cleaning up. This isn’t the end of the world just something to keep in mind.

The other thing of note is that if you plug these units into a computer you could destroy them. The manual has a small note saying: “please use the original charger to charge the unit” I e-mailed the seller and he pointed out that it wasn’t a good idea to plug the transmitter or receiver into a computer.  This might be why my first transmitter died.

The Bluetooth transmitter and  I used are the cheapest I could find, so if you’re looking for longer battery life or a better build you might want to shop around. Some of the nicer transmitters and receivers are over $100. The Bluetooth transmitter is available on Amazon or . I was only able to find the  on ebay. The Fiio E5 headphone amplifier isn’t absolutely necessary but it does offer volume control.

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