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06Sep DualEyes and Pluraleyes 2.0 Multiprocessor support

If you’re a Canon 7d owner like myself, you’ve probably learned to deal with dual system sound. The cheapest way to go is to keep notes on your footage and manually sync audio in post. This is usually fine for 3 or 4 min shorts, but when you start getting into bigger projects with hundreds of clips, […]

03Sep Polaroid Fader ND v.s. Light Craft workshop Fader ND Mark II Video test

Fader ND filters are very handy, but is it really worth it to DSLR film makers to spend big bucks on higher end brands? That was the question I had when I first started looking at the LightCraft Fader ND. The cheap Polaroid Fader ND filter that I’d been using seemed to work just fine, […]

20Mar $35 wireless Bluetooth setup, and it works great!

I’ve been waiting to post this for more then a week. The first Bluetooth transmitter I received was defective and I had to send it back. The seller was kind enough to cover return shipping, but the back and forth took awhile. I finally received the working Bluetooth transmitter a few days ago and had a chance to […]