The Frio Cold shoe adapter is about $4 more than a traditional Cold shoe adapter, but It has a few features you might want to consider before you jump on the cheap price band wagon. When I found this odd looking cold shoe adapter online, I put up a post and ordered a few to try out. After messing around with them for a bit, I’ve decided to order a few more.

The main thing that sells me on the Frio Cold shoe adapter is the SNAP you hear when you slide your flash or monitor into the adapter. I’ve dropped my Sennheiser wireless receiver 3 or 4 times when I snugged down that red knob. You think you’ve got it tight, but the square ends up being just a little bit off and as soon as you let go, your stuff goes crashing to the ground. This finally happened to me with my Zoom H4n before I decided it might be a good idea to change out the adapters I use on high price items like my field monitor and recorder.

The size difference between the Frio Cold shoe adapter and the traditional Cold shoe adapter isn’t much and the Frio is a little bit lighter. But the lock and release really wins me over. It’s the same reason I love the manfrotto 501pl plates. When I’m sliding a high price camera onto a fluid head tripod, I want to hear that click to let me know that it wont fall off.

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