The DS214 adapter is finally back. The demand has been so good for the Zoom H1 shock mount that I didn’t have enough down time on my makerbot to test and print the new design until a few nights ago. The new DS214 design has a few hard to notice changes mostly to do with strength and positioning. Most of the changes are based on feed back from those of you who bought the first round of adapters. Thanks for all your input!

One of the changes that is hard to see but easy to demonstrate is the interference fit on the bottom of the adapter. I redesigned it to be slightly wider at the bottom which means it takes a little more force to get it into your camera’s hot shoe, the upside of this is that it will take force to get it out of your cameras hot shoe. There is no lock on this so I still recommend you use a $3 threaded cold shoe adapter to attach it to your camera. The interference fit will eventually wear out because metal beats plastic.

The Juicedlink DS214 adapter still gives you a cold shoe mount and female 1/4 20 thread on top and bottom so you can mount this or adapt this however you like. The 1/4 20 female threads on the bottom of the adapter are about at the center of the Juicedlink DS214 so that when you use a $3 threaded cold shoe adapter for mounting you still have plenty of room to use the view finder without smacking your head.

If you guys see anything else that you would like to have changed or added just let me know and I’ll try it out on the next revision. Price is still $10 and don’t forget to choose “other countries” if you live outside the united states.


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