I get this question all the time.

How do you attach your monitor, microphones, etc. to your DSLR RIG?

The answer is very simple but very tricky to find.  There are 2 items I use all the time to attach my gear to holes or 1/4 20 threads in my DSLR rigs. Pictured above is a 1/4 20 thumb nut and a peace of 1/4 20 all thread. The all thread comes in lengths of 1 1/4 inch. These two items make things very simple. If you have a 1/4 20 thread on your DSLR rig you can simply attach the all thread stud and tighten down the thumb screw to secure it. Then attach a . If you have a hole in your rig you can thread the thumb screw on and leave a little bit of thread sticking out the other side.

This example is on the low price 3 legged rig I’ve been testing. Each handle has a 1/4 20 female thread on top of it. You can very easily attach this small peace of all thread and secure it with the thumb nut. Then you can put on whatever you need for something like a monitor or microphone mount.

Here I have a  attached to the end. This allows me to use the included cold shoe on the Sony CLM v55 to mount the monitor on the handle. It took me almost a week of searching years ago to find a supplier that sold this nut and peace of all thread. The good news is that I found it. The bad news is that they often have a minimum order. You can buy the all thread stud here and the 1/4 20 thumb nut here. The minimum order for the all thread stud is around 100 and I don’t remember what the minimum order was for the thumb nuts.  Regardless, I have about 200 of each in my collection and I use them all the time.

If you don’t mind an all metal thumb nut you can pick up , but other then cutting your own, I haven’t found an easier way to get a hold of the all thread studs. If you’re confused or having trouble finding a way to attach equipment to your rig, these are a must have item. If there is enough of an interest, maybe I’ll add them to the NOOB store for a few bucks. That way you don’t end up with way more then you need.

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