I’ve used yousendit to transfer large files for a long time. It’s handy and the desktop app does a great job of managing my uploads. I’ve also been considering some of the cloud storage options out there for awhile. I sometimes need to share large project files or need access to my arsenal of  stills and video footage. I had planned on signing up for either Amazon or Dropbox but I haven’t been very happy with the idea of limited storage space.

I was leaning towards Dropbox’s Pro 50 $9.99 a month plan (50GB of storage space), when I got an e-mail from yousendit. For 2 days they are offering $49 for a year worth of unlimited storage. That’s ruffly $4.16 a month. I signed up the second I read the e-mail and currently have about 50GB of footage I shot over the last week uploading .

I know storage has gotten cheap, but unlimited for $4.16 a month seems like a pretty good bargain. As far as I know this offer is good for the next 2 days, so if you need it, you should probably sign up fast. I don’t get any kind of kick back on you signing up for yousendit’s unlimited plan, just thought you’d like to know that it’s out there and I have no idea if an offer this good will come along again anytime soon.

I’ve always been pretty happy with their file sending service and I’m very excited about using there cloud storage service.  Amazon does offer 5GB of free storage if you don’t need unlimited storage space and their 50GB plan is slightly cheaper then Dropbox, but there is something so tempting about the word unlimited.