I’m often asked to recommend a good EVF (electronic view finder) adapter for critical focus. I will start out by saying I don’t use and don’t care for EVF adapters. If you’re trying to achieve critical focus, its a cheaper and easier option to use the 5x and 10x zoom on your camera.

Using an EVF adapter on your camera is basically like attaching a magnifying glass to an LCD screen. Most screens are scaling the HD footage out of your camera to some other equivalent aspect ratio. Which means the magnifying glass is giving you a close up of something that isn’t the true image.┬áThe only thing I really see as a good thing about EVF adapters is the fact that it completely covers the monitor when shooting in direct sun light. This could be a plus for some applications, but I prefer to use a sun hood.

I’m sure there are others who feel EVF adpaters are great. I tend to disagree, but if you’re in the market for an EVF, there is a flood of them on the market to choose from.

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