Here we have 3 generic battery chargers each for a different type of battery, and basically they all look about the same. Sure if you look closely there is a small label in the center telling you what battery type is supported, but it still gets kind of confusing. When you have multiple cameras and several battery types it’s nice to use something to keep things separated and organized.

It’s back to school season and zipper bags are easy to find. I picked these single colored pencil bags up at walmart for $2.50 a peace, but i’m sure any local department store will carry something like this. These bags are simple and easy to write on and a good way to keep your batteries and camera parts from getting mixed up. If I ask someone to grab me a 7d battery out of the tan pouch, they shouldn’t have any problem finding what I need. I can also keep all of the generic chargers separated. That way there is no wasted time checking to see which charger goes with which type of battery.

This also seems to prevent that rats nest that forms at the bottom of a gear bag after a long day of filming. It wasn’t so much of a problem when I only had 2 or 3 batteries for each camera but as it stands I have 10 t2i batteries, 10 Sony batteries, and 16 LP-E6 batteries. I know separating your equipment and sorting out your gear isn’t quit as glamorous or interesting as lenses and camera rigs but if you can’t find a battery or the proper cable to connect (insert random equipment here), you might as well not even have a camera. To quote back to the future II ” those boards don’t work on water! Unless you got power”. I love that movie.

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