LJ posted this unboxing video of the new Lilliput 569GL monitor. I’ve been interested to see how Lilliput’s 5 inch monitor stacks up. Coming in at $200, it’s well under any of the other 5 inch hdmi monitors in this┬ácategory. It’s also one of the few monitors in this price range sporting proper BNC┬áconnectors. Lilliput’s larger monitors don’t have the blinking problem that many other field monitors have. I wonder if the DVI trick works on the 5 inch version as well as it works on the their 7 and 8 inch models.

Lilliput’s monitor selection keeps getting more and more advanced. If you’re interested in the 569GL monitor you can , as long as you don’t mind waiting for Hong Kong shipping. If you need it here faster you can pay an extra $30 and pick it up on amazon. Either way it seems like a pretty good deal.

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