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23Apr New Lilliput Q7 1920×1080 IPS field monitor hands on

Lilliput is a company I haven’t really thought about in the last few years. They were one of the first to make an affordable 7 inch field monitor with a whopping 1024×600 resolution for under $200. Since then most of their monitors have been derivatives of the same concept. However at NAB this week, Devin and […]

25Mar MustHD 5.6 inch 1280×800 field monitor Quick look video

Had a chance to do a little more testing this afternoon. Here’s a quick video look at the MustHD 5.6 inch monitor. Build quality is plastic with lots of vent ports, but that’s not unreasonable for a monitor under $300 with this much screen resolution. I’m still very impressed by the image quality. This thing […]

23Mar Sony 5 inch HDMI monitor clone $195 Viltrox DC-50

I’ve owned a Sony CLM V55 5 inch HDMI monitor for almost 3 years and it’s my go to monitor for most things. Sure I own a SmallHD DP4, but it over heats in hot weather and doesn’t last nearly as long on a single battery or two batteries for that matter. Plus I’ve always […]

03Aug Lilliput 569GL 5 inch monitor in the wild.

LJ posted this unboxing video of the new Lilliput 569GL monitor. I’ve been interested to see how Lilliput’s 5 inch monitor stacks up. Coming in at $200, it’s well under any of the other 5 inch hdmi monitors in this category. It’s also one of the few monitors in this price range sporting proper BNC connectors. Lilliput’s […]