Had a chance to do a little more testing this afternoon. Here’s a quick video look at the MustHD 5.6 inch monitor. Build quality is plastic with lots of vent ports, but that’s not unreasonable for a monitor under $300 with this much screen resolution. I’m still very impressed by the image quality. This thing looks pretty nice on the Canon c100.

MustHD 5.6 inch monitor (3 of 8)

A few of you were also asking about the SDI (BNC connectors) on the back of the unit. It appears these only accept and output composite video, which makes sense for a monitor in this price range. If I have a BNC to RCA connector laying around or the parts to make one, I’ll try and give this a test for confirmation.

In the few hours I’ve had to play around with it, I’d say the screen and battery interface are the MustHD’s biggest assets. The battery adapter system is very well thought out and the screen really impresses me for a monitor in this price range.  I’ll post some more thoughts once I’ve had a few days to shoot with it.

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