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15Feb Used gear watch: Lilliput 7″ 669GL HDMI monitor with extras

Still haven’t found an HDMI monitor for your rig? If not there is a used Lilliput 7″ 669GL HDMI monitor with quit a few extras and zero bids. Four days left on the auction, Current price $115 + $15 shipping for everything pictured above. Looks like that includes a DC  12V Battery and Cable, 12V Battery Charger, Shoe […]

02Sep Saying goodbye to my Lilliput 8 inch monitor.

I’ve been using this Lilliput monitor for over 2 years. It does a great job, but it’s time to let it go. I don’t need to have 4 HDMI monitors laying around the house. So the first up on the chopping block is the Lilliput 8 inch 869GL. I have it listed now on ebay […]

03Aug Lilliput 569GL 5 inch monitor in the wild.

LJ posted this unboxing video of the new Lilliput 569GL monitor. I’ve been interested to see how Lilliput’s 5 inch monitor stacks up. Coming in at $200, it’s well under any of the other 5 inch hdmi monitors in this category. It’s also one of the few monitors in this price range sporting proper BNC connectors. Lilliput’s […]

13Jul Lilliput 5 inch 569GL hdmi monitor.

I ended up getting a great deal on the Sony CLM v55 monitor, but there is a cheaper option if you’re looking to save a little money and like the idea of a smaller 5 inch monitor. The Lilliput 5 inch 569GL HDMI monitor comes with an HDMI cable, cold shoe adapter, battery adapter, and […]

13Feb Fixing the Blink problem on the Lilliput monitor with the 5d 60d and t2i.

So one of the most irritating things about shooting on pretty much any of canon’s camera line (minus the 7d) is that the HDMI port goes from HD to SD when you press the record button. This normally causes most field monitors to blink, but thanks to a little info from dzoemie you don’t have […]