Youtube member MAREKDT sent me a video of his take on the Dirt Cheap monitor project. I like the fact that he saved the little threaded bracket, I got a little to carried away with the dermal when I built mine and there wasn’t much left of the holes. The black electrical tape is also a nice touch, it’s probably a little better then the clear tape i used.

I never expected the dirt cheap monitor to end up on a camera as nice as the Sony NEX-FS100 but it looks like it works.

If you’re going to attempt this build here’s what you’ll need:

  • ($19 to $25)
  • ($5 to $8)
  • Electrical tape ($1 to $3)
  • ($30 to $40 optional)
  • ($12 to $25)

Additional tools:

Thanks for putting together a video of your build MAREKDT.

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