It’s always nice to see SSD prices keep dropping. Last month the Crucial 512GB SSD was on sale for $369, now it seems the new OCZ Agility 4 is following in their footsteps. The Agility 4 SSD drive appears to be using the same Indilinx controller as the latest OCZ Vertex but saves money by using asynchronous NAND memory instead of synchronous NAND. This change causes the drive to take a small performance hit compared to the Vertex, but I don’t think most people will complain about 400 MB/s read and write speeds.

I might have to run the Crucial 512GD SSD in RAID 0 with the OCZ Agility 4 and see what kind of out of control speeds I can achieve. If the price per GB of SSD drives keeps dropping, we could be looking at the end of life for standard rotating drives in the near future. Just make sure you back up your drive on a regular basses, there’s not much chance of saving your data when an SSD drive fails.

UPDATE: As of this morning, the OCZ Agility 4 512GB SSD Drive has dropped another $10 to $359. Here’s the link.

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