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10Nov Samsung 950 pro 512GB m.2 SSD, fastest SSD yet?

Over the last few years, SSD drives have advanced in leaps and bounds. We’ve gone from $300 for a 120GB glitchy Sandforce based SSD to 1TB SSD’s that saturate SATA bandwidth and now to the Samsung released the M.2 950 pro which is arguably the fastest consumer drive yet to hit the market. At a price […]

30Jan MSI GS60 upgrade doesn’t void your warranty

There were a number of questions about the MSI GS60 upgrade I posted a few weeks ago. The number one question was “Will this void my warranty?” I’ve spoken to MSI on the phone and they said it would not, but I never got anything back from them via e-mail. Laura was kind enough to send […]

09Mar Samsung 840 EVO RAPID mode problem solved.

I picked up the Samsung 840 EVO a few weeks back and mentioned I was having trouble getting RAPID mode to work correctly on my desktop. After a few emails back and forth with Samsung I was finally able to get the problem sorted out. Turns out the latest version of Samsung Magician 4.3 has […]

12Feb Asus ux32vd 840 EVO SSD upgrade video

I have the snappy Samsung 500GB 840 EVO, I have the $8 screwdriver set, and now it’s time to upgrade my Asus Zenbook ux32vd laptop. As you can see from the video the upgrade isn’t too hard, just a lot of tiny screws and shifting the battery around to get the hard drive out. Over […]

04Feb Samsung 840 EVO 500GB drive and the 830 it’s replacing

The Samsung 840 EVO 500GB drive showed up from that ebay sale I posted a few weeks ago. The plan for this drive is to the upgrade the Samsung 830 256GB SSD that I installed a year and half ago in my Asus Zenbook ux32vd. The Zenbook still does a great job, but I want […]

20Sep Low price SSD alternative, Momentus XT Raid 0 array, a fast low power editing solution

Before I made the switch to SSD drives, I was a big fan of Seagate’s Momentus XT Hybrid drives. If you aren’t familiar with this type of drive, it basically uses a 4GB SLC SSD drive as a read/write buffer for a 500 GB 7200 RPM platter. The end result is that the high speed buffer […]

06Aug OCZ 512GB windows 7 issues

The OCZ Agility 4 512 GB drive came in last week and I finally had a chance to try a quick install of windows 7 last night. Only 15 min to run through the first reboot of the install process and I get a “bootMGR is missing”. It’s a little strange on a fresh drive, […]

31Jul OCZ Agility 4 512GB SSD Drive price drop

It’s always nice to see SSD prices keep dropping. Last month the Crucial 512GB SSD was on sale for $369, now it seems the new OCZ Agility 4 is following in their footsteps. The Agility 4 SSD drive appears to be using the same Indilinx controller as the latest OCZ Vertex but saves money by using asynchronous NAND […]