The OCZ Agility 4 512 GB drive came in last week and I finally had a chance to try a quick install of windows 7 last night. Only 15 min to run through the first reboot of the install process and I get a “bootMGR is missing”. It’s a little strange on a fresh drive, but it happens sometimes. So I ran RebuildBCD and got the drive working, then finished installing windows 7. It only took 5 minutes before the first blue screen of death hit and the stability only got worse from there.

A quick install turned into a whole night of work detaching hard drives, replacing ram, running memory checks and still no luck. I put everything back together, dropped the old SSD back in and everything works fine. What are the chances I received a bad SSD drive?

I’m going to continue running system checks to see if I can find anything obvious, but both sets of ram passed the Memtest86 check and the system is stable with the original drive. I don’t think I’ve ever had this much trouble getting an OS installed. If I ever get the dang thing working, i’ll post some test results.

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