Samsung 840 EVO 1TB (2 of 3)

I picked up the Samsung 840 EVO a few weeks back and mentioned I was having trouble getting RAPID mode to work correctly on my desktop. After a few emails back and forth with Samsung I was finally able to get the problem sorted out. Turns out the latest version of Samsung Magician 4.3 has some strange issues with some Intel SATA controllers. The solution is to uninstall 4.3 and install Samsung Magician 4.2.1. I had to spend the time waiting and e-mailing Samsung to get a copy of this older version of the software. To save you the time, I’ve made it available here.

When you install the older version, the program will ask you if you would like to update to 4.3, simply select no in order to continue using 4.2.1. While 4.2.1 solved my problem it might not fix yours so test it out and make sure it works for your setup. I was unable to get any info from Samsung about an update to Magician. I’ll keep an eye on their download page and let you know when an update is posted.

Samsung 840 EVO RAPID speed test

As you can see, with RAPID mode working on the 1TB 840 EVO┬áthis drive is pretty impressive. Samsung’s RAPID mode technology seems to make a very noticeable difference in performance. With these levels and speeds I wouldn’t be surprised if other manufacturers start to incorporate something similar. The Samsung 840 EVO drives are currently my number one pick for a new SSD. I’m glad to see some innovation in an otherwise cut and dry marketplace.

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