Panasonic GH4k

Pre-order’s are now available on B&H for the Panasonic GH4k. It looks like Panasonic has surprised everyone with a lower than estimated price of $1699. That puts the Panasonic GH4k within arms reach of Canon 6d pricing and well below the Canon 5d mark III.

If the GH4k lives up to even half the hype surrounding its announcement, Canon will have some pretty heavy competition. I’ve looked at the GH3 and GH2 in the past and all though many people loved those cameras, I didn’t find either one to be very compelling. On the other hand the GH4k seems to be a completely different story. This is the first camera I’ve seen in the last four years that has a list of specs that checked off just about everything on my list of wants.

Panasonic GH4k hand grip

The pricing on the interface unit is pretty much what everyone was expecting, $1999 for the unit itself, or $3299 as a combo deal with the Panasonic GH4k. While the interface unit looks pretty tempting, I don’t think I’ll be picking one up on  pre-order. SDI and XLR interfaces are nice to have, but it isn’t something I really see myself needing right now. I already have a handful of XLR camera adapters and I don’t see myself using the 4k SDI output anytime in the near future. If that changes I can always pick one up down the road. I’m guessing the GH4K will sell out fast, but the interface unit will stay in stock.

If you want to get your hands on a Panasonic GH4k before the end of 2014, I would suggest you pre order as soon as possible. This is going to be a very popular camera and it’ll likely be sold out before it’s even released in april. I put my pre-order in at midnight last night on B&H when pre-orders first became available. Hopefully I’ll have the GH4k in hand sometime after NAB.

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