The Catleap 2560×1440 IPS display finally made it out of customs and onto my front porch. The box looks like it’s seen better days, but thankfully the monitor was packed well enough to make the trip. Some how my order ended up in Africa for a week thanks to a mistake from DHL, but the ebay seller was very good about getting things sorted out and updating me with a new tracking number once they found my package.

Even though the power supply supports 100 to 240 volts AC, the seller only includes a European power cord. The female end is the same as any standard computer power cord so make sure you have one with an American plug around when the Catleap IPS display shows up.

Comparing the new IPS display to my old Hanns.G 28 inch Monitor, it’s easy to see that these newer monitors are much thinner. The new display is also very light compared to the monitor it’s replacing. It’s the difference between man handling and a single handed, easy lift.

I actually ordered the Achieva Shimian version of the Catleap IPS monitor because I was told the base of the unit had a better attachment then the original version of the Catleap. I found no dead pixels and the screen is one of the best looking monitors I’ve ever owned.

I’ll have to spend a few days getting the color setup and testing the unit out. Once I feel comfortable with the performance of the Achieva Shimian version of the Catleap monitor, I’ll put together a full review. As of right now, I”m very positive on this very affordable IPS display. If you’re in the market for a new high monitor for editing or gaming the Achieva Shimian monitor is defiantly something to consider.

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