I’m working on a more advanced DIY audio interface for those of you asking for more interface options. The chip in the center is a stereo amplifier and all of the support components needed for it to operate are on the board. The nice thing is that the whole board is about the size of a compact flash card.

The plan is to use two of these xlr/1/4 inch combo jacks for inputs with two independent volume controls and a 3.5mm output. I wanted to get your input on any other features you would like to see in a low price audio interface. If all goes well I should be able to keep the price under $40.

Here is the basic design if any of you have anything to add. I’m debating on squeezing two of these chips onto the same board so that you could also include headphone monitoring. I’m still waiting on a few more parts to come in, once they show up I’ll post some audio tests.