Linco actually sells some very good lighting kits, the only problem is that the pricing normally starts at around $900 for a 2 light kit and goes up from there. However, right now they are offering their Flora lighting kits for a little bit better then half price.

If you’ve used lower end lighting stands, you know that they usually can’t handle a lot of weight and the base spread is so small that they easily tip over. The tent like soft boxes on some of those units can also be a real pain to setup and tear down. Linco’s stands on the other hand are heavy duty and have a very wide base. Their soft boxes are also some of the easiest to use.  I have one of these sets on the way so I should have a full review up as soon as I get back from DC. If you’re interested in the kit you can find it right now on ebay for $408 with free shipping which is about $500 less then the normal price.

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