Wasabi batteries Gopro Hero 3

As with most manufactures the GoPro Hero 3’s batteries have a bit of a markup.  $20 plus shipping per 1050 mAh battery can add up fast. When I went digging around for better alternatives I found the Wasabi GoPro Hero 3 battery and charger kit for $25 +$4 shipping on Amazon.  My decision to go with a set of these batteries was reaffirmed by several of you in the comment section (thanks Orac).

For about $9 more then the cost of a single Gopro branded battery you get two 1200  mAh batteries and a charger. The slight boost in battery power (1200 v.s. 1050) doesn’t give you much more then the original battery included with the Hero 3. In my quick test the gopro battery lasted for just at 2 hours of time lapse at 2 second intervals, and the Wasabi battery made it 2 hours 15 min. The biggest benefit is actually the charger, this saves you from having to wait for an hour and half or more to charge using the usb port on the unit.

I’ve had a few issues with the Hero 3 locking up when trying to charge batteries. The Wasabi battery charger avoids this issue and allows me to keep charging batteries while the Hero 3 is in use. The batteries provide the same level indication and seem to work identically to the OEM batteries. The Wasabi GoPro Hero 3 battery and charger kit is well worth checking out if you need some extra batteries for your unit.

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