SmallHD has announced a new 7 inch OLED monitor as well as a few other models under the title AC7.  If you aren’t familiar with OLED technology, it’s basically an LED device that can be made in a LCD form factor. The nice thing about OLED tech is that it doesn’t require a back light, so contrast is greatly improved as well as light bleed. The other nice thing about an OLED screen is that it requires less power then a LCD type display. Less power means longer battery life, which most would consider a good thing.

So to recap the AC7 OLED we have longer battery life, a better screen, and 720p resolution (1280×800). Now for the down side, the OLED model clocks in at $1099 and it’s in a 7 inch form factor. As someone who has grown to love a 5 inch monitor form factor I don’t think I would want to take a step back to a 7 inch screen. Of course there is also the price.

It seems to me that if you can cram a beautiful 1280 x 768 screen into a device like the Nexus 4 cellphone for $350, you should be able to produce a 4.7 inch DSLR monitor for under $600 that doesn’t suck. I wont be spending $1099 on a OLED monitor any time in the near feature, but if you have the budget and feel the need, it’s worth a look.

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