Cage with handle top parts

A few of these clone CPM Cube cages have been showing up on ebay for around $75 from seller Filmcity. Although the price is really tempting, I thought I’d post a quick heads up. The hardware on these clone units might put your camera at risk of damage.

handle 3

These pictures came from one of you guys who wished to remain anonymous. Basically while using the top handle on the unit it came loose. Luckily there was no camera damage, but these cages are designed to protect your camera, not send them crashing to the ground.

handle 1

As you can see from this shot the only thing holding the handle in place was that little spot in the center. So if you do decide to risk it and pick up one of these clone CPM rigs up on ebay make sure you check it over very carefully before you mount your camera. A smashed lens or camera body is never good.