rode iXY stereo microphone

Rode announced the interesting looking Rode iXY stereo Microphone and app for the iPhone and iPad. It’s basically an XY microphone adapter for your iOS device that allows you to record audio at a 24 bit 96kHz sampling rate.

The app also looks like it adds a few interesting features to the mix, including noise reduction, copy and past, and fader controls.  At $199, the price does seem a little steep, especially when you consider a Zoom h1 can be had for around $85 and all of the editing and effects features can be performed on a computer. There are also other adapters out there for iOS devices in the $50 to $80 range that perform the same function at 16 bit 48 kHz sampling rates.

I think it’s going to be hard sell, but if the Rode iXY stereo Microphone looks like something you might “need” you can get on the pre-order list here.

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