Old radio rebuild  (3 of 3)

All of the internals have been stripped out of that old 1940’s radio i picked up. The speaker grill material was in pretty bad shape so I had to order replacement cloth online. The single 15 inch speaker was also in pretty bad shape and the mount used for it was custom cut for the speaker used. All of that will probably be going in the trash.

Old radio rebuild  (2 of 3)

The pair of speakers I ordered showed up and the two speaker boxes side by side were to large to simply set inside the cabinet. Instead I used the CNC table to cut out this custom frame that’s designed to hold all of the speakers in a single panel. The outside is the same dimensions as the original speaker frame so this will slide into place nicely once the new cloth for the grill shows up.

Old radio rebuild  (1 of 3)

Once all of the speakers are mounted  and the cross connects are wired up, i’ll install this in the empty radio case. After that all it should take is a few more CNC parts to build the speaker enclose and that part of the project will be complete. The next challenge will be adapting the new power amp to the old selector switch style controls that were used in the original unit and fixing the bubbled peace of clear plastic used for the dial indicator. I’ll keep you posted.