Seagate external 4tb drive

The Seagate 4TB external drive normally hovers around $190, but right now it’s just $149 on amazon. The price of Seagate’s internal 4TB drive is currently at $189. This happens every once in awhile but it never really made any sense to me. How can the¬†external¬†drive with all the extra parts be less expensive then the internal drive?

Regardless both come with a two year warranty and from what I can gather both are based around the same hard drive. If you need an internal drive it might make more sense to just take this apart and rip out the 4tb drive. Either way if you need a large amount of storage for your photo and video work $149 for a 4TB drive is a pretty good price. You might want to pick up two and use the second one as a back up to the first.

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