Studio 1 AM-300 Audio monitor (1 of 3)

If you are planning to use a wireless boom mic, it would still be nice to have an easy method to monitor audio before it hits the transmitter. The Studio 1 AM-300 is basically just an XLR pass through box with a headphone amplifier off to one side. Apparently the headphone monitor port has no effect on the XLR pass through, you just plug your mic into the input and feed your output to a transmitter.

Studio 1 AM-300 Audio monitor (2 of 3)

Operation seems to be very simple. The Studio 1 AM-300 has an on/off switch, volume knob, and two sizes of headphone jacks (3.5mm and 1/4 inch). It’s designed to work with headphones that have an impedance of between 8 and 40 ohms, so you’ll want to check your headphone specs to make sure they’re compatible. The XLR pass through works with the headphone amp turned on or off, which means you can also use this as a cable extender.

Studio 1 AM-300 Audio monitor (3 of 3)

The Studio 1 AM-300 is powered by a 9 volt battery and seems to be designed to hang on your belt. At least on paper this seems like a good idea although if you have a juicedlink device with a built in headphone amp, this is probably not needed. I’ll post some more info once I’ve had a chance to test it out. However right now it’s time to pack up and start driving to the next shoot.

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