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05Feb Nady SGM-12, still the cheapest usable shotgun mic on the market

For the price the Nady SGM-12 shotgun microphone is still one of the best values on the market. At $30 it could be described with buzzwords like “adequate”, “acceptable”, and “usable”. The audio from the Nady SGM-12 isn’t particularly impressive, but it is very usable for a $30 microphone. Over the years i’ve managed to […]

10Apr Que Audio Sniper Pro Shotgun Booming Kit

It seems like the design trend is to make things smaller and the Que Audio Sniper is no exception. This tiny little kit includes a boom mic with camera mountable shock mount, boom pole, wind screen, and mic stand for $499. The microphone uses two little button batteries (watch batteries) to provide up to 20db […]

06Apr Studio 1 AM-300 Boom mic headphone amplifier

If you are planning to use a wireless boom mic, it would still be nice to have an easy method to monitor audio before it hits the transmitter. The Studio 1 AM-300 is basically just an XLR pass through box with a headphone amplifier off to one side. Apparently the headphone monitor port has no […]

17Dec My Myk compact condenser microphone

Rode’s Videomic has been one of the leading affordable camera mounted microphone options for quite some time. Even so, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Many people don’t like the large size of the Videomic or the shock mount system and I personally find it hard to close 9 volt battery door on the VideoMic […]