CTRL+Console (1 of 3)

While I was at NAB I caught up with Jeff Chow creator of CTRL+Console. This cool little app allows you to use your iPad or iPhone as an editing console interface for Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. It connects via wifi to your editing workstation and gives you quick access to the most commonly used features. If you were at NAB you might even have caught Jeff over at the Adobe booth demoing the app.

CTRL+Console (3 of 3)

I’ve gotten used to using keyboard shortcuts and for most of my editing in CS6, but a controller like this definitely speeds things up. Having the jog wheel and tool selection on a separate screen also gives you more screen real estate for your playback and timeline windows. The app will set you back about $35, but it could be well worth it if you’re not the type of person who’s good at memorizing shortcut keys.

Unfortunately the app is only for iOS devices right now. Hopefully Jeff will have an Android version out in the future. If you already have an iPad laying around the house, the CTRL+Console app is well worth checking out.